Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to Care For Power Steering

 Power Steering part in the steering wheel which uses hydraulic power to help us alleviate the wheel of time moving the steering wheel, power steering the car became easier to ride, because of the heavy burden of a round steering will be helped by the performance of the power steering so that the burden of round wheel becomes lighter.

Comparison between the cars already use the power steering with yet using power steering will be felt at all, this can we try when we tried to drive a car that has not used the power steering will feel heavier controls the rotation wheel if we compare it with a car that is already using the power steering certainly is more lightweight and comfortable.

Toyota 86 Review Specification

 Toyota 86 Specification:
 Toyota 86 Dimention :
Overall Length    4,240   
Overall Width     1,775   
Overall Height    1,285   
Wheelbase          2,570   
Tread (Front)      1,520   
Tread (Rear)       1,540

Toyota All New Land Cruiser 2016 Review Specification

 Toyota All New Land Cruiser 2016 Specification :
All New Land Cruiser 2016 Dimention :
Overall Length    4,950  
Overall Width     1,970  
Overall Height    1,905 
 Wheelbase         2,850

All New Toyota Yaris 2016 Review Specification

Toyota All New Yaris 2016 Specification :
All New Yaris 2016 Dimention :
Overall  Length    4115   
Overall Width    1700   
Overall Height    1475   
Wheelbase    2550   
Tread (Front)    1470   
Tread (Rear)    1460   
Ground Clearance    149 mm   
Turning Radius    -   
Curb Weight     1030-1045

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wallpaper - 2012 Chevrolet Avalanche